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On-street Cart & Dumpster Enclosures
Keeping Downtown Streets and Sidewalks Safer, Cleaner, and Greener
Secure on-street carts and dumpsters to keep trash and recycling where it belongsFind out more >>
Cart Recycling Housings
Cleaner Organics Capture Everywhere, From Multifamily to Downtown
User-friendly drop-off locations, improving recycling participation and quality Find out more >>
Black wheeled dumpster
Cutting Trash Overage and Recycling Contamination Charges
Help change behaviours with reliable, low effort infrastructureFind out more >>
The smartphone app for minimized food scrap contamination
Delivering end-to-end visibility on how the organics drop-off facility is being used.Find out more >>

metroSTOR product systems influence how people respond to waste and recycling initiatives; reducing inequity at the point of generation and making it as easier for everyone to increase the diversion of eligible waste from garbage, for reuse, recycling or composting.

Our partnerships deliver consistent waste and recycling infrastructure for city authorities, developers, corporate campuses, and universities, from multifamily residential, street corridor and public spaces, to convenience centres, everywhere from dense urban cities to isolated rural communities.

metroSTOR 5C methodology considers specific elements of capacity, convenience, communication, consistency and cleanliness to deliver containerization solutions that address waste diversion and contamination targets alongside the provision of genuine qualitative improvements in the local community.

Client Testimonials

Successful recycling infrastructure relies on sufficient storage capacity for maximum anticipated volumes across all streams between collections, whether from households, businesses, streetside or public space environments. Compact metroSTOR units minimize footprint and visual impact, with integral features that enable operators to switch between recycling streams for seasonable fluctuations and changes in legislation. Units can accommodate bulky waste and be specified with access control to exclude unauthorized users, preventing over-filling.

Convenience makes it easier do the right thing, and recycling facilities must be situated within easy but appropriate reach of all points of generation, accessible and safe for everyone to use, including those with limited strength, mobility or vision. metroSTOR product systems are intuitive in everyday use with clear messaging for waste streams, easy load design including ADA-compliant options. Developed to be convenient for operators too, metroSTOR units work with the waste management infrastructure you have, from existing containerized to physical structures.

Waste diversion infrastructure supported with a visual language instantly recognizable for stream type, color coded with multi-lingual signage and clear line drawings is key to successfully educating changing population structures. metroSTOR units minimize consumer confusion and contamination rates with a proven, user-friendly door panel and waste stream aperture design, complemented by informative instruction and regular prompts. Messaging can be specified to maximise impact as users approach, and include advise on where non-accepted items are to be placed.

Waste and recycling facilities that look smart, are clean, inviting for users and instantly recognizable in different settings both local and regionally is central to the success of waste diversion initiatives. metroSTOR clean design enables product series with standardized color-coding, symbols and messaging to be used across all city communications, minimizing confusion with users and contamination rates. Compatible with containers and fleet infrastructure in common use eases successful adoption of new initiatives.

Good containment system design encloses carts and dumpsters to prevent wind-blown litter and reduce illegal dumping which in turn, reduces cleaning requirements in addition to the potential impacts of arson. metroSTOR product systems minimise user-contact with containers enclosed in the open position. Aperture systems physically limit contamination and units are easy to keep clean with minimal labor inputs, particularly relevant for those containing food scraps and yard waste.

Recycling Container Housings, zero waste solution

metroKEY app

The metroKEY app is an interactive access control system, delivering end to end visibility on how the drop off facility is being used, with a user interface that actively encourages participation with fast sign up, easy to follow instructions, map locations of units, and clear information on what can be deposited. 

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On-Street Trash & Recycling Containment

Developed specifically for on-street trash and recycling containment, metroSTOR B-Series and R-Series units enclose carts and dumpsters from 35-gal up to 4-yard capacities, including units that can be loaded from the sidewalk but serviced from the streetside. This design ensures the cart or dumpster is secured, with waste streams clearly identified and able to be located on the sidewalk or within parking bays. Damper-assisted loading hatches are easy to use, while protecting the container contents.

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With over 177,000 apartments, New York City Public Housing Authority is by far the largest Public Housing Authority in North America and provides a home for approximately 400,000 residents. We’re therefore thrilled to be working with NYCHA on a waste containerization project that will help create a cleaner environment for residents while making it easier for them to separate their recyclables at source and place them in the correct containers, conveniently located near their residence.

Client Feedback

The metroSTOR recycling stations currently at NYCHA’s Wagner Houses are durable and remain tidy one year following the installation. NYCHA residents have positively embraced the new system, stating the containers are much cleaner and more attractive than the previous system.
Louisa Denison
Programs and Policy Advisor NYCHA

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