Keeping Downtown Streets and Sidewalks Safer, Cleaner, and Greener

Secure on-street carts and dumpsters to keep trash and recycling where it belongs

Why is it important to prioritize safer, cleaner streets?

Streets that are covered in trash not only unsightly, they have a negative impact on homes and businesses and the health and wellbeing of the people who live and work in them, with spiralling levels of vermin, crime and antisocial behavior and health issues.

Why is this more of an issue in downtown areas?

Homes, restaurants and other businesses in the more densely built and populated neighborhoods are far less likely to have enough off-street space to store all the trash and recyclables that they produce between collections, which may take place outside normal working hours. Streets and sidewalks are often narrow with competing demands for car parking and unloading space. Many cities are introducing by-laws prohibiting the storage of bagged trash on the street or sidewalk, but a multitude of roll-out carts can create new issues, obstructing the sidewalk, increasing fire risk and still not looking over-pretty.

How can this challenge be resolved?

metroSTOR cart housings optimize storage capacity and encourage recycling within a given footprint on the street or sidewalk, within an attractive facade that reduces visual impact on the streetscene. Optional access control systems allow producers to share facilities while enabling out-of-hours emptying and preventing antisocial behavior and unauthorized use.