The smartphone app for minimized food scrap contamination


Placing organics carts within a closed unit, with foot pedal operation for touch free disposal of food scraps is a great way to encourage user acceptance, but how do you make sure these are only organics, not other recycling streams or even trash?

Contaminated food waste streams are a significant challenge, and reliable solutions at source are needed to ensure the effort in setting up the deposit scheme, hauler and organics recovery arrangements does not result in rejected feedstocks.

Integral to the development of metroSTOR cart enclosures are reliable access control systems that are both easy to use and uncomplicated to administer. There are two types that can be specified on metroSTOR F-Series units; metroKEY is our Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) smartphone app and an electronic keypad version. Both types of controller activate the same electronic latch system and have the same low energy battery requirement.

Where the organics drop off facility is limited to users familiar with recycling norms, then the electronic keypad access control is a great solution. It eliminates casual use and is often specified for seniors accommodation where smartphones may not as widely used as they are elsewhere in society.

metroKEY is an interactive access control system, delivering end to end visibility on how the drop off facility is being used, with a user interface that actively encourages participation with fast sign up, easy to follow instructions, map locations of units, and clear information on what can be deposited. The metroKEY web portal displays clear information for scheme administrators specific to each unit providing comprehensive user analysis to measure scheme effectiveness and control misuse. It also enables new messaging to be displayed as required and shows any faults that have been reported via the app.

Making circularity work for real in our modern urban environment requires innovation and commitment. The combination of metroSTOR organics cart enclosures and metroKEY app control, increases food waste diversion from landfill and minimizes food scrap contamination.

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