On-Street Trash & Recycling Enclosures – Front Load

metroSTOR RCF-Series

metroSTOR RCF is the new standard for effective on-the-go trash and recycling in public areas. Tough build, uncomplicated design and proven components deliver reliable, cost-effective on-street recycling infrastructure for the long term.

Developed primarily as an enclosure to contain standard trash carts, metroSTOR RCF is modular in format for co-locating waste streams. A front loading design with a foot pedal operated transfer hopper option (RCF-L models only) to deposit waste touch free, with the unit then returned to closed position. metroSTOR RCF is designed with an internal chute replacing the foot pedal and hopper.

Minimalist styling makes metroSTOR products great looking additions to the urban environment and metroSTOR RCF is a compact, low-profile unit, minimizing visual impact so that trash and recycling can be collected close to real points of generation whether they are streetside, in public open spaces, on campus or in multifamily developments.

All metroSTOR RCF models are ADA compliant and accommodate standard 35 gallon 2-wheel carts, while the RCF-L version uses 28- 32 gallon pull out containers available in galvanised steel or moulded plastic. Where a sealed unit is not the primary consideration, such as higher traffic areas with more frequent collection regimes, the internal chute version does without the foot pedal and transfer hopper for a simpler, even more cost effective solution. The internal chute assembly is designed to make retrieval of items placed in the bins more difficult and service doors can be specified with cylinder locking.

Welded steel frames, internal hinges and latches with concealed panel fixings provide durability in service while innovative primary and secondary coating processes that are unique to metroSTOR maintain finishes in harsh urban environments. With the same clean space design as the RC Series, RCF is ideally suited to the application of vinyl graphic wraps whether messaging and imagery with specific recycling focus or the promotion of local initiatives.

metroSTOR RCF-Series Cart Recycling Housings Specification & Options

  • Product Capacity & Dimensions

    ModelCapacityContainer Load TypeAccessDepth
    Data SheetTech Drawing
    RCF351x 35 gal. Cart15×10 Front Load Aperture1 Door30.627.953DownloadDownload
    RCF35L1x 28-32 gal. Pull-Out Container15×10 Front Load Aperture1 Door30.627.949.6DownloadDownload
    RCF702x 35 gal. Carts15×10 Front Load Aperture2 Doors30.652.653DownloadDownload
    RCF70L2x 28-32 gal. Pull-Out Containers15×10 Front Load Aperture2 Doors30.652.649.6DownloadDownload
  • Product Specification & Options

    Build Components Build Specification Standard Finish Options
    A) Unit Frames Mild Steel Welded Assemblies HD Galvanized A1) Anthracite Grey PPC Finish
    A2) Unit Floor / Frame Panel Option
    B) Unit Shell Panels Mild Steel Assembly Zinc Coat / Anthracite Grey Painted Finish B1) Color PPC Finish Options
    C) Unit Cover Mild Steel Welded Assembly Zinc Coat / Anthracite Grey Painted Finish C1) Color PPC Finish Options
    C2) All Panels Graphic Wrap Option
    D) Container Access Mild Steel Assembly / Zinc Coated Mild Steel Bezel Zinc Coated / Anthracite Grey Painted Finish
    Rectangular Front Aperture / No Insert
    D1) Mixed Recycling Aperture Insert Option
    D2) Bottles / Cans Recycling Aperture Insert Option
    D4) Foot Pedal Operated Access Hopper Option
    E) Service Doors Mild Steel Welded Assembly / Stainless Steel Hinges Zinc Coat / Anthracite Grey Painted Finish E1) Color PPC Finish Options
    E2) Recycle Stream Graphics Option
    F) Service Door Access Inset Self -Latching Bolt / Key Operated Hook Deadlock Stainless Steel / Aluminum
    Self Latching Bolt / Key Operated Deadlock
    F1) Mechanical Keypad Latch / Lock
    G) Bin Container G1) Galvanized Steel Lift Out Bin Container Option
  • Waste Stream Graphics

    • Trash

    • Plastic Bottles & Jugs

    • Paper, Cans & Plastic Bottles

    • Mixed Recycling

    • Compost

    • Glass, Cans & Plastic Bottles

    • Cans, Plastic Bottles

    • Cardboard

    • Custom Design