metroSTOR delivers physical recycling infrastructure that supports the long term vision of zero waste, identifying challenges and developing solutions that recognize the complexity and prevailing inequities in our waste management systems.

Designed from the ground up to make it as easy for people to recycle correctly as it is to dispose of trash, the trademark metroSTOR user-interface has color-coded door panels with clear, easily recognizable recycling symbols and apertures at a convenient height that facilitate easy placement in the correct container without users getting their hands dirty.

When there is scope for confusion over what to put in the bin, ‘mixed recycling’ often gets mixed results and with research suggesting we spend less than 2 seconds at a bin, the window of opportunity to achieve quality waste diversion outcomes is limited. metroSTOR product systems embrace these key principles within a clean design, reinforcing the waste diversion message with color-coded graphics that clearly link back to the caddies we have in our kitchens, the carts we have in the yard outside, and the dumpsters we see at the nearest household convenience centres.

metroSTOR product systems are built tough, with all-steel construction, durable coatings and components developed in harsh urban environments. Multiple unit variations based on standard product series design platforms enable a unique degree of customization for our clients.