Community Recycling Centres

Black Dumpster recycling centre - Blue, red, green RecycleRight Graphics for trash, Community recycling in a park

Convenience centers demand large, multi-stream waste diversion capacity and metroSTOR G-Series Container Housings have been developed for this type of application, utilising RecycleRight adaptable user interface modules to minimize contamination and accommodate seasonal fluctuations without excessive labor inputs. Consistent messaging and easy loading heights to give less-able residents the confidence to use the facility unaided.

Community Recycling Centre Capacity

Convenient, accessible drop-off points within local communities play a vital role in zero-waste recycling infrastructure, taking in additional recycling volumes and specialist streams not included in regular curbside or multifamily collections, such as waste electrical equipment, textiles, plastic film, food scraps, yard waste and hazardous household wastes (batteries, paint, aerosols, light bulbs). Waste diversion volumes collected fluctuate considerably on a daily, weekly or seasonal basis, and metroSTOR G-Series Container Housings with RecycleRight color-coded graphic systems enable flexible capacity that can be switched easily between different containers within the same housings.

Community Recycling Centre Convenience

With a requirement to be accessible to all households in some shape or form, successful communal recycling centres are designed to be super-easy for all residents to use alone, minimizing potential issues of contamination and side-waste within the facility. metroSTOR G-Series Container Housings can be instrumental in the creation of compact facilities that are able to be located closer to the local community and capable of operating with limited supervision or on an unmanned basis as required. Compatible with flat and slant top FEL Containers up to 10 yd capacity, below the high loading heights that can represent a major obstacle for many users.

Community Recycling Centre Communication

Visual guidance on the accepted items in each recycling stream has to be very clear to minimize contamination and metroSTOR G-Series Container Housings provide the platform for consistent, recognizable colors and symbols including multi-lingual messaging. This messaging is prominent to maximise impact as users approach, advising where non-accepted items are to be placed and the fines for non-compliance.

Community Recycling Centre Consistency

Facilities must look attractive, be instantly recognizable in the communal drop-off setting and inviting to users so that the recycling experience is a positive one. Central to metroSTOR design is the RecycleRight system, enabling standard color-coding, symbols and messaging used across all city communications to minimize confusion with users and consequent contamination. metroSTOR G-Series are manufactured from standard layouts and as custom design to be compatible with the containers and fleet infrastructure in common use for successful adoption.

Community Recycling Centre Cleanliness

Enclosing containers to prevent wind-blown litter and public health issues, the proven gate design of metroSTOR G-Series with its integrated loading aperture and waste deflector chute, reduces user-contact with the dumpster. The neat, design coordinated environment of enclosure systems makes for a better recycling experience for residents as well as being easier to keep clean with reduced labor inputs.

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