Cleaner Organics Capture Everywhere, From Multifamily to Downtown

User-friendly drop-off locations, improving recycling participation and quality 

Why do we need to collect organics separately?

Organics represent over 25% of all municipal solid waste and by far the majority of the greenhouse gas emissions, and in response to this, more and more cities are mandating its separate collection from every home and business.

Why is this a problem for multifamily and Downtown areas?

Collecting organics creates particular challenges in respect of participation and contamination within communal settings such as multifamily and downtown neighbourhoods. This is largely due to the nature of the material, lack of ownership and difficulty maintaining a clean user-friendly facility.

So how can this challenge be resolved?

metroSTOR organics cart housings help remove these obstacles by providing a secure, accessible deposit point that people can use without getting their hands dirty, whenever they leave home. It also gives operators the ability to control and monitor usage reliably if required, maximizing organics diversion in a neat, cost-effective package which sits unobtrusively within a residential or street environment.

Organics & food scraps cart enclosures