On-Street Trash & Recycling Enclosures – Top Load

metroSTOR RC-Series

Designed to enclose standard carts, metroSTOR RC is the modular solution for co-located trash and recycling. Ideal for lower volume (or higher collection frequency) containerized garbage and recycling storage between collections.

The top-loading aperture format is ideal for high traffic areas and can be specified with apertures to restrict waste items being placed in the bin. The hinged lid version is a useful specification for use when organics or compost streams are co-located with other recycling streams and trash.

With the same clean space design theme and visual messaging opportunities as the larger B-Series and G-Series, metroSTOR RC-Series units provide vital recycling infrastructure that is instantly recognizable and consistent with local or regional streams, reinforcing the waste diversion message at each point of generation.

Manufactured in 8 model sizes, metroSTOR RC-Series can accommodate up to 3no. 95 gal. carts in a single unit, with all solid waste deposits directly into an open cart through the loading aperture on top of the unit. Internal deflector plates ensure that waste streams are loaded directly into the open container and no waste is left around the bins on the floor for rodents or for scavenging birds.

metroSTOR RC35, RC35L, RC70, RC70L, RC105 and RC105L models are all ADA compliant and are fitted with either 32-35 gal carts or 28-32 gal pull-out containers.

Clean space design enables color-coded panels, clear graphics and recycling stream symbols to extend to all elevations including the top loading section to maximize waste diversion visibility.

metroSTOR R-Series Cart Recycling Housings Specification & Options

  • Product Capacity & Dimensions

    ModelCapacity Container Load TypeAccessDepth
    Data SheetTech Drawing
    RC351x 32-35 gal. Cart14″x14″ Top Load Aperture1 Door30.62844.5DownloadDownload
    RC35L1x 28-32 gal. Pull-Out Container14″x14″ Top Load Aperture1 Door30.62832.1DownloadDownload
    RC702x 32-35 gal. Carts14″x14″ Top Load Aperture2 Doors30.652.644.5DownloadDownload
    RC70L2x 28-32 gal. Pull-Out Containers14″x14″ Top Load Aperture2 Doors30.652.632.1DownloadDownload
    RC1053x 32-35 gal. Carts14″x14″ Top Load Aperture3 Doors30.677.244.5DownloadDownload
    RC105L3x 28-32 gal. Pull-Out Containers14″x14″ Top Load Aperture3 Doors30.677.232.1DownloadDownload
    RC1302x 65 gal. Carts 14×14 Dual Top Load Apertures2 Doors37.661.149.4DownloadDownload
    RC1902x 95 gal. Carts14″x14″ Top Load Aperture2 Doors41.366.651.9DownloadDownload
    RC1953x 65 gal. Carts 14″x14″ Top Load Aperture3 Doors37.690.349.4DownloadDownload
    RC2853x 95 gal. Carts14″x14″ Top Load Aperture3 Doors41.398.551.9DownloadDownload
  • Product Specification & Options

    Build Components Build Specification Standard Finish Options
    A) Unit Frames Mild Steel Welded Assemblies HD Galvanized A1) Anthracite Grey PPC Finish
    A2) Unit Floor / Frame Panel Option
    B) Unit Shell Panels Mild Steel Assembly Zinc Coat / Anthracite Grey Painted Finish B1) Color PPC Finish Options
    C) Unit Cover Mild Steel Welded Assembly Zinc Coat / Anthracite Grey Painted Finish C1) Color PPC Finish Options
    C2) All Panels Graphic Wrap Option
    D) Container Access Mild Steel Assembly / Zinc Coated Mild Steel Bezel Zinc Coated / Anthracite Grey Painted Finish
    Square Top Aperture / No Insert
    D1) Mixed Recycling Aperture Insert Option
    D2) Bottles / Cans Recycling Aperture Insert Option
    D3) Hinged Lid Option
    E) Service Doors Mild Steel Welded Assembly / Stainless Steel Hinges Zinc Coat / Anthracite Grey Painted Finish E1) Color PPC Finish Options
    E2) Recycle Stream Graphics Option
    F) Service Door Access Inset Self -Latching Bolt / Key Operated Hook Deadlock Stainless Steel / Aluminum
    Self Latching Bolt / Key Operated Deadlock
    F1) Mechanical Keypad Latch / Lock
    G) Bin Container G1) Galvanized Steel Lift Out Bin Container Option
  • Recycling Stream Graphics

    • Trash

    • Plastics

    • Paper, Cans & Plastic Bottles

    • Mixed Recycling

    • Compost

    • Glass, Cans & Plastic Bottles

    • Cans, Plastic Bottles

    • Cardboard

    • Custom Design