On-Street Dumpster Enclosures

metroSTOR BD-B-Series

The No.1 for on-street trash and recycling dumpster enclosures, metroSTOR BD-B Series is a dual-sided design, loaded from the sidewalk and serviced streetside.

With metroSTOR BD-B units, the dumpster is enclosed in the open position, for easy access by residents without the need to touch the dumpster lid. The dual bin hatches have assisted lift and lower, with stainless steel hand holds and waste streams are clearly identified with color coding and clear graphics.

Often located in parking bays, dumpsters can be easily transferred by trash collection crews from the street side for transfer to refuse trucks. Cast steel hinges and slam locks ensure the service doors are reliable and easy to use.

Proven to resist damage in tough urban environments, metroSTOR BD-B is an all-steel manufactured unit with welded steel subframes and internally riveted panels on each elevation including service doors. Multistage pre-treatment and coating processes guard against surface degradation alongside regular cleaning regimes.

With over 20,000 units in service, metroSTOR products deliver reliable waste and recycling infrastructure and the 12 month manufacturer’s warranty is backed on site by our service partners to ensure metroSTOR installations can be maintained in service for the long term.

A consistent design theme runs through metroSTOR product systems and the B-Series is part of the metroSTOR  family that are defining collection and waste diversion points for solid waste in the urban environment.

metroSTOR BD-B Series Dumpster Recycling Housings Specification & Options

  • Product Capacity & Dimensions

    ModelCapacityContainer Load TypeAccessDepth
    Data SheetTech Drawing
    BD400B1x 2 Yard DumpsterDual 24″x22″ Rear Load Lid Type Apertures1 Door59.596.865.7DownloadDownload
    BD600B1x Admaral Rear Load 3 Yard DumpsterDual 24″x22″ Rear Load Lid Type Apertures1 Door79.5100.865.7DownloadDownload
  • Product Specification & Options

    Build Components Build Specification Standard Finish Options
    A) Unit Frames Mild Steel Welded Assemblies HD Galvanized A1) Anthracite Grey PPC Finish
    B) Unit Shell Panels Mild Steel Assembly Zinc Coat / Anthracite Grey Painted Finish B1) Color PPC Finish Options
    (Upper Panels Rear)
    B2)Omit Anti-Graffiti Hole Pattern
    C) Unit Cover Mild Steel Welded Assembly Zinc Coat / Anthracite Grey Painted Finish
    D) Bin Container Access
    (Front Load Type)
    Please visit our metroSTOR B-Series Wheeled Dumpster Enclosures web page for further information on our Front Load Enclosures
    E) Bin Container Access
    (Rear Load Type)
    Mild Steel Welded Assembly / Stainless Steel Bezel / Stainless Steel Hand Grip / Gas Strut Lift Zinc / PPC Finish E1)Single Paper & Cardboard Lid Type Aperture
    F) Service Doors Mild Steel Welded Assembly / Dual Hinged Doors / HD Galv Cast Hinges \ Integral Stainless Steel Drop Bolt Zinc Coat / Anthracite Grey Painted Finish F1) Color PPC Finish Options
    (Upper Panels)
    F2) PVC Vinyl Graphics
    G) Service Door Access Stainless Steel Square Drive Key / Slam Latch Stainless Steel
    Square Drive Key / Slam Latch
  • Waste Stream Graphics

    • Trash

    • Plastic Bottles & Jugs

    • Paper, Cans & Plastic Bottles

    • Mixed Recycling

    • Glass, Cans & Plastic Bottles

    • Cans, Plastic Bottles

    • Cardboard

    • Custom Design