Access Controlled Cart Recycling Housings

metroSTOR F-Series – Organics Cart Enclosures

Diverting more food scraps from municipal solid waste is exactly what the metroSTOR F-Series was designed for. Our customers wanted a robust unit for organics collections, neat and convenient to use, with controlled access to keep the recycling streams clean. The F-Series offers a proven solution!

Efficient refuse collection is central to metroSTOR product design and the F-Series is manufactured in three model sizes to fit 35 gallon, 65 or 65 gallon carts in a compact, clean enclosure. Straightforward to operate and maintain, food scraps are deposited in the opened cart through a foot pedal operated lid on top of the unit.

Integral to the development of metroSTOR cart enclosures and thus the collection of clean organics recycling,  is a reliable access control system that is both easy to use and uncomplicated to administer. There are two types that can be specified on metroSTOR F-Series units; metroKEY is our Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) smartphone app and an electronic keypad version. Both types of controller activate the same electronic latch system and have the same low energy battery requirement

The requirement to handle food waste containers can discourage use and the foot pedal operated lid is designed for both ease of operation and ensuring the food scraps housing is enclosed as soon as the food waste has been deposited. This function limits odours and other undesirable side effects as the food waste deposits start to degrade within the cart.

Cleaning regimes are supported with stainless steel touchpoints on the lid handle and aperture surround as standard. Modular component engineering ensures maximum reliability in harsh urban environments, with the toughest galvanised coatings possible on high wear components such as door frame and unit base. Separate panel coating prior to unit assembly, enables a stringent, multi-stage pre-treatment and powder coating process.

For those larger organics collection schemes, 3D ultrasonic fill level sensors can be specified as an option, reducing instances of overfilling and helping reduce waste with improved routing.  The same principles of straightforward, reliable operating systems provide municipalities with accurate and timely fill-level data.

metroSTOR F-Series Access Controlled Housings Specification & Options

  • Product Capacity & Dimensions

    ModelCapacity Container Load TypeAccessDepth
    Data Sheet
    FX351x 35 gal. Cart 16″x12″ Top Load Lid1 Door26.829.245.1Download
    FX651x 65 gal. Cart16″x16″ Top Load Lid1 Door33.831.548.8Download
    FXT651x 65 gal. Cart16″x16″ Top Load Lid1 Door30.133.350Download
    FXG651x 65 gal. Cart16″x16″ Top Load Lid1 Door33.832.650Download
    FX95 1x 95 gal. Cart16″x16″ Top Load Lid1 Door37.536.152.5Download
  • Product Specification & Options

    Build Components Build Specification Standard Finish Options
    A) Unit Frames Mild Steel Welded Assembly (Internal Components) HD Galvanized
    B) Unit Shell Panels Mild Steel Assembly Zinc Coat / Anthracite Grey Painted Finish
    C) Unit Cover Mild Steel Welded Assembly Zinc Coat / Green PPC Finish C1) Color PPC Finish Options
    D) Bin Container Access Mild Steel Welded Assembly / Stainless Steel Bezel
    / Stainless Steel Hand Grip / Soft Close Damper
    Zinc Coated / PPC Finish D1) Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Access Control
    D2) Code Lock Access Control
    E) Service Doors Mild Steel Welded Assembly / Stainless Steel Hinges Zinc Coat / Green PPC Finish E1) Color PPC Finish Options
    E2) Graphics
    E3) Battery Deposit Container
    F) Service Door Access Stainless Steel Square Drive Key / Slam Latch Stainless Steel Square Drive Key / Slam Latch
  • Recycling Stream Graphics

    • Compost

      • Color – Green
      • Top Load Lid
      • Graphics – Recycle Across America
    • Organics

      • Color – Brown
      • Top Load Lid
      • Graphics – Recycle Across America
    • Custom Graphics

      • Color – Custom
      • Top Load Lid
      • Graphics – Custom