Making More Effective Use of Recycling Dumpsters

High-volume waste and recycling containers account for the majority of waste deposited every day, serving as collection points for our discarded materials to increase capture rates and ensure recyclables can be kept in circulation for as long as possible.

Providing a secure, centralized location for communal recycling across downtown settings, multifamily buildings, commercial environments, and municipal drop-off centers, well-designed recycling dumpsters can drive positive behavior change, helping to reduce the risk of impactful behavior such as littering and illegal dumping. These are key aspects of encouraging sustainable practice and meeting landfill diversion targets.

Essential Steps to Aid Best Practice

Key to ensuring more effective use of recycling dumpsters is fostering a collaborative effort between individuals, communities, and local authorities, with best practices encouraged through consistent designs that aid separation and capture, optimizing dumpster placement to encourage use, and implementing efficient collection schedules.

metroSTOR Dumpster Housings and Recycling Centers

metroSTOR has developed a product range of dumpster housings and recycling centers that optimize capacity and provide a highly effective, modular solution for storing recyclables between collections; supporting multi-stream waste diversion strategies within a compact footprint.

Recycling dumpsters are secured and enclosed with the use of restricted apertures that enable users to place recyclables directly into the correct waste stream, eliminating requirements to handle unsanitary bin lids. Enclosing dumpsters prevents wind-blown litter and public health issues, providing a neat design and coordinated environment that ensures a more positive recycling experience for users.

A range of recycling graphics are available for specification to ease separation, covering rash, organics, yard waste, food waste, textiles, glass, paper, cardboard plastics and bulky waste. By making it as simple as possible for users to engage with the facility appropriately, metroSTOR dumpster housings encourage correct recycling practice from users.