Non-market Multifamily

Black wheeled dumpster with red and blue color RecycleRight Graphics in a Non-Market Multifamily area

Robust, dependable trash and recycling containment from metroSTOR, delivers effective waste diversion in the toughest of environments, helping change the perception of public housing for good with solutions for long-standing and highly visible social and environmental issues.

Non-Market Multifamily Capacity

Maintaining sufficient trash capacity for every household between collections is essential in Non-market Multifamily, recognizing that higher occupancy and deprivation levels are often present, and there is a need to meet residents where they’re at. metroSTOR B-Series and G-Series Housings can be configured for most dumpster and cart sizes including the provision of containment for bulk waste that tends to proliferate. These issues around public health and illegal dumping are often highly-visible and can contribute adversely to the stigma attached to such neighborhoods. Over time, diverting over 30% of the total capacity from trash to recycling is realistic so the ability to switch streams using the RecycleRight systems as behaviours change is important.

Non-Market Multifamily Convenience

Color-coded apertures at a convenient height with clear, consistent and easily recognizable recycling symbols facilitating easy placement in the correct container without users getting their hands dirty is a metroSTOR trademark. Lack of accountability can be an issue with communal facilities in non-market multifamily with a disproportional number of residents likely to be less able,  it’s essential that each stream is readily identifiable, and the facility designed so that the carts can be accessed easily without having to unlock and open doors, touch lids or lift trash bags over an excessively high cill. Facilities should be located within easy reach of a refuse vehicle for easy emptying.

Non-Market Multifamily Communication

Positive role models and feedback loops on user behaviour alongside facilities that are designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, complemented by informative instruction and regular prompts are central to successful zero waste recycling infrastructure for non-market multifamily. Visual guidance on the accepted items in each recycling stream has to be very clear to minimize contamination and metroSTOR B and G-Series Container Housings provide the platform for consistent, recognizable colors and symbols including multi-lingual messaging. This messaging is prominent to maximise impact as users approach, advising where non-accepted items are to be placed and the fines for non-compliance.

Non-Market Multifamily Consistency

Making communal recycling hubs visually attractive, instantly recognizable and inviting to users will allow them to be located in more prominent positions, driving better participation through ease of access, helping to remove anonymity and reinforcing positive social norms. RecycleRight color-coded graphic panels incorporating symbols and messaging enable consistency across all city communications to minimize confusion with users and consequent contamination. Provision needs to be included for hazardous and bulky waste and staff need to be trained and empowered to provide support wherever it’s needed. metroSTOR Waste & Recycling Housing module sizes are available to accommodate all commonly used carts and dumpsters.

Non-Market Multifamily Cleanliness

Lack of funding is often behind limited investment in facilities, but with the reality that considerable sums of revenue are already being spent on janitorial staff, pest control and additional costs from waste hauliers for contaminated bins, well planned zero-waste recycling infrastructure can design much of this out of the equation. Enclosing waste containers to prevent issues with wind-blown litter, public health and illegal dumping, metroSTOR product systems reduce user-contact with dumpsters and carts, creating a more pleasant recycling experience for residents and easier maintenance for site staff.

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