Securing On-street Commercial Trash for Safer, Cleaner Sidewalks

Commercial trash, while containing many waste materials found in regular household trash, can have a higher impact on the environment and local surroundings due to the increased volume produced on a daily basis. Another influential factor is the possibility that some businesses might throw all trash, food waste, and potentially hazardous items into one single waste stream for the sake of convenience. Once left on the sidewalk for collection, the daily challenges of operating in a commercial environment take over. Without a secure system in place for the correct and safe disposal of commercial trash awaiting collection, this can cause a whole host of issues.

Changing these habits comes down to an awareness of the distinct challenges involved with commercial trash, and by making it easy for individuals to engage with user-friendly, sustainable solutions that encourage good practice. By securing on-street commercial trash to encourage safer, cleaner sidewalks, well-designed enclosure systems can help deliver reduced waste costs and street cleaning expenses, as well as facilitating an efficient collection process for haulers.

What Are the Challenges?

How Can These Be Resolved?